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Awful BBC, Xenophobic Road Accident Reporting

March 15, 2010

Students die in India as bus plunges into river The above headline is awful enough for the people involved, but in reality, it’s subject, a road crash, is common enough in my own country, the UK. What is really bad is how the BBC is reporting this.  They should know better but essentially, they’ve reported […]

I’ve Been Comment Spammed by Kevin Hoeffer!

December 1, 2009

Yup!  It’s true. Apparently, the only way that PWW et al can now made any headway is by asking inane questions on the very websites that are trying to close them down!!! Comment Spam from Kevin Hoeffer This is the content of a comment added to an old post I made on this website about […]

Five Fabulous Firefox Add-ons

September 1, 2009

Firefox Add-ons: What is an Add-on? First things first.  It’s now well known among the more savvy internet users, that the Firefox web browser is a fine piece of kit; secure, innovative and with a burgeoning user base that has seen Microsoft rise from it’s slumbers and put some serious damage control development into it’s […]

Terror State Chickens Return to Phone Hacking Roost

July 10, 2009

Introduction Many years ago when I was living in France and during a prolonged period of French atomic weapon testing on the Moruroa atoll, the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, was blown up in a New Zealand harbour. Initially, it was thought to be an accident. Now, as soon as this happened, I thought “who has […]

Peter Hook Meets the Plumber, the Astronomer, and Crawling Chaos

February 14, 2009

a.k.a.   How Internet Sites strip out Content for Their Own Purposes These are called feed harvesters or content scrapers amongst other terms and exist solely to copy other people’s content for the purpose of serving adverts, charging folks for getting good hit rates, hosting malware… etc I came across one while checking a Google […]