Old Turk hits an Old Problem

The problem, in fact, is older than Turkey, older than the 20th century creations of Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.  The problem is the continual denial of the Kurds, and ancient people with their own language.  They’ve survived in the same area despite the incursions and massacres of Alexander the Great, The Mongols, The Murghals,… Continue reading Old Turk hits an Old Problem

Waldo Jeffers is in the News

Inmate escapes German jail in box Paralleling a personal comment I made last week to Stuart, this week in Germany, a prisoner made a post-haste dash for freedom.  I think he must’ve been listening to The Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” In the monolgued song, voiced by Cale in his Welsh accent, poor little man Waldo Jeffers has… Continue reading Waldo Jeffers is in the News