Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum

Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum – but what next? This is the full text released by Ecuador for their reasons for Assange’s successful application.  See original text at the end. But What is to Happen Now? For now, Assange will have to stay in the Embassy.  Ecuador has asked for assurances about his safe passage, but… Continue reading Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum

Ashcroft: Assurance or Promise most Likely?

“Lord” Ashcroft Then It’s ten years since Ashcroft “gave assurances” that he would reveal his er.. something or other, to William Hague – according to William Hague in his famous Paxman interview – See Below: “Lord” Ashcroft Now Today’s news is that if the tories win the forthcoming election, (and in a statement today,… Continue reading Ashcroft: Assurance or Promise most Likely?