Fixing My SoHo Win10 2004 Network

Introduction This could be called {“Turn on file and printer sharing” won’t save issue and Windows Certificates errors fixed on Home Network}, but it’s a bit long 😉 Recently Windows cumulative updates have given me cumulative problems. My own attempted fixes derived from countless searches, batch file, command prompts and Powershell “fixes” which just made… Continue reading Fixing My SoHo Win10 2004 Network

Windows 7 SP1 Install

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Install Experience Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 I installed Win7 sp1 on my PC last night after spotting it in the Windows Update list.  It’s been out since 16 Feb 2011 but I’ve only just noticed!  That’s the state of my PC in the screenshot. Hitches Everything installed really well,… Continue reading Windows 7 SP1 Install