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Notice: E.Y.E.S.

No fuss. My old friend Jeff recently died. The track now playing was one of the last pieces we did together.  It’s Jeff’s creation  and is one of my favourite Crawling Chaos tracks.  This is a pre-Waqqaz version from a cassette that has travelled round France, been in various glove compartments and cupboard floors. I’ve…
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March 25, 2010 1

What? No Google! Use Robert Allen Instead!

Introduction Spring, last year, was when I first stumbled upon Pacific WebWorks (PWW) and their nefarious schemes.  That was when I happened upon Google Treasure Chest, one of their many scams. This then ballooned into a miasma of a web of crime which frankly astonished me. Then, across the globe, many people fought against the…
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February 24, 2010 6

It Was a Way Out of The Crawling Chaos for Joy Division…

Golden Syrup Years ago, when I was a lad, my mum used to make us all porridge for breakfast in winter.  On the top, I’d spiral a big dollop of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and then, while eating the porridge, I’d read the tin. Yes!  There was a different flapjack recipe every time! But also, as…
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November 11, 2009 2

What is Health?

Daisaku Ikeda wrote this some time ago, and it’s just popped up in my mail for me to share.  Originally it is from his book “The New Human Revolution” but he’s also similarly described HEALTH in later small discussions on various aspects of the Lotus Sutra.  Here’s how it goes: What Is Health? “Health is…
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September 16, 2009 0

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